Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Gorey Fixation

Edward Gorey has popped up in a few places this week. First there's a play about the life of the notoriously private auteur debuts May 3:
A new play, set to open in New York City in May, is coming to grips with the 75-year enigma that is Gorey’s life. “The Secret Lives of Edward Gorey,” premiering at the HERE Arts Center on Sixth Avenue May 3, is the culmination of a long creative effort that began with a chance visit to the Gorey House some seven years ago.

“We were staying in a bed and breakfast right next door,” said Travis Russ, the play’s writer and director. “I was unfamiliar with his work, so we just walked literally next door, and stepped inside, and were immersed in the world of Edward Gorey, and I immediately thought someone has to write a play about Edward Gorey.”

Then Erin Allen released a piece at the Library of Congress blog about Gorey's legacy and a gift from Gorey collector and enthusiast Glen Emil to the Library’s Rare Book and Special Collections Division in December 2014:
Emil began collecting Gorey-related material in 1979, which later became the foundation for the online portal He donated the items to the Library in an effort to keep the collection “as a single unit, a testament to the appeal and popularity of Edward Gorey’s talent and his unremitting commitment to artistic expression in the literary world.”

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