Tuesday, June 19, 2018

An Interview with #PriscillaBellairs

Back in May, Priscilla Bellairs sat down with Dr. Chris for an enlightening interview on the Radio of Horror . If you missed the original broadcast, here's the audio. Happy listening!


Keturah (Kay) Thunder-Haab said...

I just listened to the interview with Priscilla>. I graduated from high school in Marshall Michigan, Class of 1955 with John Bellairs. He was a very good friend of my brother Douglas. Having read the book very recently I felt there was a lot of autobiographical information in there. John joined our class of 1955 after his years at St. Mary's Catholic school. He was a brilliant guy whose mind was always working, causing him to stutter because he could not get the ideas out as fast as he was thinking them. He loved to play chess and I believe he taught my brother how to play chess. He was often at our house. John and his close friends met in a Boy Scout troop and they remained friends for many years.
Submitted by classmate Keturah (Kay) Thunder-Haab born and grew up in Marshall, but presently living in Ann Arbor, MI

Unknown said...

This interviewer is annoying, often laughing alone and inappropriately, but I’m thankful to him for doing this.