Friday, December 24, 2021

Framingham Librarian Remembers Creepy "House", Izards

John Bellairs

The Framingham SOURCE (capitals theirs) paraded out the fifth article in their on-going series of question with the Framingham Public Library staff.  This week it was Dawn Dellasanta's turn to answer questions.  The head of Christa McAuliffe Library branch had the following to say when asked about her favorite children's book:

The House with a Clock in its Walls. As a child, nothing scared me more than Isaac Izard and his creepy wife rising from the dead. I was a latch key kid who couldn’t enter my house after reading John Bellairs, Goosebumps, Bunnicula. Which was how I found the library. Even though New Zebedee was written to be in Michigan, I’m almost positive it’s actually Hopkinton. (Where I lived as a young child when I read the book.)

It's always nice to see Bellairs's work still lauded - especially as the book in question nears its fiftieth anniversary.  Now to find something spooky about Hopkinton.

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Carl said...

Oh my, I will have to revisit that one--it seems I hardly remember it...

I like how the librarian said, "The book in question." Trés librarian!