Monday, June 6, 2022

Paperback Collecting? It’s a LibraryThing.

Numerous fans over the years have written asking book collecting questions over the years.  Most of the questions center around the Dial hardcover editions.  Other people collect paperback editions, often the Bantam Skylark editions from the 1980s.

Bellairs fan and book collector (and one-time book store owner) Russell Bernard has been collecting books for decades.  He’s often been our go-to source for identifying and understanding the difference between first editions and first printings and scads of other information about book collecting.  And not just Bellairs titles, either.

Bernard shared on our forum one of his recent accomplishments: putting together a set of the first paperback printings of the Bellairs/Strickland series books.  He’s cataloged his paperbacks and uploaded all the details to LibraryThing.  The entries include comments on identifying the first printings, descriptions of each book, and the cover price.  Bear in mind, for completists, since some titles were not issued in paperback, they of course, have no listing.

There’s more of Bernard’s Bellairs collection on the site, too:

And more.  Happy reading -- and collecting.

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