Monday, June 11, 2007

A Journey to John

John Bellairs
We’ve heard some great stories of young people (and some probably a bit older) writing John Bellairs, who would usually write back and include one of his drawings. Or calling John on the telephone, and talking with him after a speaking engagement at a library or convention.

We wonder how many people ever made a pilgrimage to Haverhill to meet him face-to-face?

Someone did such a thing to meet one of the most reclusive authors ever:
Jim Krawczyk grew up in Milwaukee, where he fell in love with books. Like many young readers, his favorite writer was J.D. Salinger. And in the late 1960s, Jim Krawczyk decided to go on a road trip to meet his hero, in Cornish, the small New Hampshire town that the celebrated recluse calls home.

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