Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Something About the Man Who Collected Bellairs

In a somewhat strange role-reversal, trick-or-treaters dropped off candy at the Bellairsia HQ tonight.  Or maybe just threw it out in front of the building.  It was the brown-tipped candy corn no one seems to enjoy so I’m not sure.  It was most assuredly thrown away, well it should.
Earlier in the evening seven kids (septuplets) came as Harry Potter, itself mildly cute until they explained each represented the character from an individual book (for example, one was Chamber Harry, one was Goblet Harry, etc.). Their argument as they departed about which book was best was not as cute.  After a lengthy pause with no activity, a woman rode her bicycle past the office. She did not suddenly morph into a witch riding a broomstick though it would have been something to talk about tomorrow.

In between the door goblins we compared Bellairs collectables and what was our most desired item.  The discussion turned to “The Man Who Collected Poe”, a short piece by Robert Bloch from 1951.  It seems the type of thing to read tonight.  You should, too.

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