Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Recipe For Disaster

Fan fiction
Here’s some fan fiction about Johnny Dixon that really takes the cake this holiday season!  Happy reading!

December 19, 1958, saw a chill winter in Boston. Massive clumps of snowflakes were blustered by a persevering wind into cracks in the rundown townhouse on Commonwealth Avenue. The young man who sat within noticed neither this frenzy, nor took account of the radio drama whispering from the partially dismantled set near his elbow. A plate of Ritz crackers and cream cheese rested untouched on a small table nearby, along with a short stack of unopened mail.

This young man is Johnny Dixon. Grown, somewhat, from his prepubescent days, he remained of short stature, pale of feature, and reliant on a pair of spectacles to engage fairly with the world.

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