Sunday, March 7, 2010

Top 10 Mistypings

As we prepare for the tenth anniversary of Bellairsia, we’re using our moderately-new Twitter feed to share some memorable moments and commentary in the form of Top Ten lists.

Over the years we’ve helped share your interest in John’s work in the form of book reviews. We’re glad to know John’s many books still resonate with readers, though occasionally we come across some piece of text whose author (for whatever reason) failed to notice, much less correct, a book title. Well...we know what the reviewer meant. In this day and age, what with easily-correctable blogs, the error is soon fixed or removed, but in the past these errors often remained for months, if not longer (not that this sort of thing can't happen now on blogs and other social networking sites, but...).

In the early days of Bellairsia we often snorted or chuckled or giggled at what someone published on the world wide web - like Cheesemen. This month we present tpyos and mistypings from over the years that we found funny or outright odd - be it intentional or words suggested from your electronic dictionary. Enjoy!

Editor’s note: we formatted our blandly-overworked Twitter feed years later. The tweets are gone but here is the original list:

  • #10. The Mansion in the Midst
  • #9. The Smell of the Sorcerer's Skull
  • #8. The Lion, the Witch, the King
  • #7. Sister Fidgeta
  • #6. The Vergence of the Witch-finder
  • #5. The Mommy, the Will, and the Crypt
  • #4. The Eyes's of the Killer Robot
  • #3. The Pedant and the Shuffly
  • #2. The Cheesemen of Doom
  • #1. The House with a Clock in its Walls by Ron Bellairs

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