Saturday, July 5, 2014


Writer, blogger, vlogger, and one-time Bellairsia interview subject Richard Denney has declared August 2014 as John Bellairs Month. To celebrate he's getting the word out a month early and inviting a host of others to write, blog, vlog, and tweet (and so on) about 1989's The Chessmen of Doom.

Here's Denney's invitation and explanation of the event:

He throws out a number of sources for finding a copy of Chessmen (not Cheesemen), including e-readers, but we're sticking with our trusty Bantam Skylark edition - hence the above image. I'm sure there are a few things on our blog about the book that might garner a conversation or two.  Join in on the fun at #JOHNBELLAIRSMONTH #JBREADALONG and don't forget our superficially-keen twitter feed, either.

Happy reading, all.

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