Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What's What: PF Flyers

New-kid-in-school David Keller gets tripped by a bully wearing this brand of sneaker [The House where Nobody Lived; 29].

First produced by BF Goodrich in 1937, PF Flyers were once one of the most popular brands of sneakers. The shoes were known for allowing wearers to “run faster and jump higher” what with their patented “Posture Foundation” that evenly distributed weight and thereby reduced leg strain and provided better comfort.  The style most commonly associated with the shoe is the common canvas-duck sneaker, with cloth reaching above the ankle, and a patch that reads "PF Flyers."

In the early 1970s, magician and Michigan native Harry Blackstone, Jr. promoted a "PF Magic Wedge Kit" giveaway offer with the purchase of PF Flyers on a television commercial.  The brand was purchased by Converse in 1972 but was later sold due to monopoly issues.

Speaking of Converse, PF Flyers are very similar in appearance to the Chuck Taylor All-Stars manufactured by that company.  That style of shoe is the one worn by the bearded character who wears fur coats, as drawn by Edward Gorey.

Oh wait - that is Edward Gorey.

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