Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Note of Thanks

Five years ago, yes, our brains hurt a lot when we realized a full decade had passed by. We said we’d shoot for another five and, for better or worse, those five years have ticked by (what a surprise). That brings us up to fifteen years that Bellairsia has been online promoting the works of John Bellairs. We can only hope that those of you who have been along for the ride have found it as enjoyable and worthwhile as those of us behind the scenes have.

We won’t go on about how we got started or what some of the highlights of our research have been: those stories and memories are elsewhere in this blog and on our site. And just when we think there’s nothing more to say, new fans surface with their own talents who tip a hat to John. We’ve interviewed some of you – we may get around to more this year. Of course it’s always grand to hear from John go download and read The Gargoyle in the Dump if you haven’t already. We’ll wait.

I suppose we find this year especially poignant in that besides our meager 15th (XV) anniversary, John’s first book, Saint Fidgeta and Other Parodies, turns a half century old. It’s also the twentieth anniversary of Brad Strickland completing his first solo steps in this universe (look for some comments on The Hand of the Necromancer later in the year).

That’s all. Really. For this post, that is. Want to go for another five?
  • To quote Brad: “Keep the faith!
  • To quote John: “Hooray for us!
  • To quote Shakespeare: "Upward of twenty years, and have been blest!"

Cheers, all – and thank you.

(Also, another round of thanks-yous for our site hosts, Emphasys Technologies, Inc., for 15 years of superb, uninterrupted web hosting. We wouldn’t be anywhere without them. And we couldn't go back to our GeoCities site if we wanted to..oh, our dullard days of yore....)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping the fandom alive :) Loved John Bellairs books since I was a kid.