Sunday, February 7, 2016

Poll: Your Favorite Richard Egielski Artwork in "Letter"

Richard Egielski created 14 full page illustrations for The Letter, the Witch, and the Ring, and, in celebration of its 40th anniversary, we want to know which one is your favorite.

Is it seeing that strange side-of-the-road market where Rose Rita and Mrs. Zimmermann buy gas, the scene were Rose Rita takes Bessie for a drive, or maybe Mrs. Zimmermann standing all aglow in the clearing? Or something else entirely?

Don't be a chicken - pick your favorite from our list below and see how it ranks with other fans!

Your Favorite Richard Egielski Artwork in "The Letter, the Witch, and the Ring"

Like many rural grocery stores, Bigger’s was also a gas station [Frontispiece]
The party that night turned out to be so much fun that Rose Rita forgot all about her troubles. [9]
Gert Bigger found a five-gallon gasoline can and filled it. [33]
Rose Rita and Mrs. Zimmermann were walking down the main street of a little town. [45]
Later that night, around two in the morning, Rose Rita woke up. [55]
Rose Rita screamed and jerked the wheel violently to the left. [67]
The stairs led to the parking lot behind the hospital. [82]
Suddenly the curtain was whipped aside, and Rose Rita turned to find Gert Bigger standing over her. [100]
Rose Rita lay there crying for a long time. [104]
There was a hall closet near the phone, and fortunately the cord was long. [129]
Then she took the flashlight from Aggie and stepped down into the dark opening. [142]
Gert Bigger walked over to her chair by the head of the bed and sat down again. [156]
There are the edge of the clearing stood Mrs. Zimmermann. [167]
Rose Rita and Aggie had a tearful farewell at the car window.... [179]
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Randy said...

Great idea for a poll. I almost voted for the party on page 9, since it shows the whole gang together. But I went with Rose Rita being woken up at 2am, because I think it best captures the creepiness of a Bellairs story.

bellairsia said...

Agreed, Randy - that image indeed sets the tone.