Friday, April 1, 2016

7 Foods Cooked Up By Professor Childermass

We all know that after a long day teaching history at Haggstrum College that Roderick Childermass drops the “professor” bit once he arrives home and instead plays the part of a chef, whipping up ooey-gooey greats such as sacher tortes and black forest cake.

Who hasn’t been a just a little bit jealous of his friends when you read about the items they get to try - and apparently quite often, too?

So what seven delicious foods will the prof cook up next?

1. Nothing says appetizing like this made-from-scratch pistachio pudding salad. Gramma Dixon's favorite!  Just don't drip any on her clean floor this time, Rod!

2. Another yummy round of chicken 'n waffles – Childermass style!  

3. All of Duston Heights came out the year Professor Childermass had that bomb-ass carnitas spread served over Labor Day.  Even that creepy neighbor of his, Mr. Swartout, cracked a smile.  Score!

4. Did you know the professor enjoys snooping through cookbooks? His delectable recipe for fruitcake was “borrowed” from a book he found on the Windrow estate. Delish!

5. There’s nothing like sipping a Coca-Cola and sharing a pile of crispity, crunchity pizza rolls during your fourth long, drawn-out game of chess in the prof’s kitchen.  Come hungry!

6. Johnny and Fergie cannot get enough of that savory and sweet flavor they find from prof’s homemade haggis. Goes great with Colman’s Mustard, too!

7. Time-traveling in his trolley car to the 2010s, the prof found this hipster-ready recipe for a most piquant vegetarian gagh. yISop! Everyone in the mid-1950s has been impressed with this find!

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1 comment:

Unknown said...


Cool article! Its always fun to see examples of things Bellairs wrote about on these pages. The pics sort of make the characters and books come alive for me.

Now, what would be really nice would be if you posted actual recipes. I dont know that I want to try Haggis anytime siin, but the Black forest cake would be nice to try. And the carnitas would be especially fun to make!