Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Film News: Casting 'The House...'

Work on the film adaptation of The House with a Clock in its Walls continues. Backstage.com reports McCarthy/Abellera Casting is looking for actors for the feature film by Eric Kripke based on the book series by John Bellairs. The call expires August 25, with shooting to begin October 9.

Thus Lewis:
A chubby, smart, sensitive boy, Lewis is a very brave kid with an indomitable spirit. After his parents die, Lewis goes to live with his eccentric Uncle Jonathan. Lewis is a kid who's never had any friends. He's always been lonely, and things are only worse since the death of his mom and dad. Now forced to live in his uncle’s spooky old house, he is taken aback when his uncle tells him there are no rules - no bedtime, bath time, or mealtime - and he can eat cookies whenever he likes. As time passes and Lewis settles into his new life, he discovers that, like his Uncle, he possesses magical abilities…
Thus Tarby:
Athletic and popular, but he’s not the typical snide “cool kid” - there’s something open and kind in his face. While the other boys mock Lewis mercilessly, Tarby is nice to him and takes him under his wing, teaching him how to play baseball and giving him tips on how to appear more “normal.” However, Tarby’s friendship with Lewis takes a complicated turn when he is introduced to Lewis’s magical life - and their friendship ends, much to Lewis’s dismay…
Good luck. And may Tarby yet again ask Lewis if he brought his trumpet.

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