Tuesday, January 1, 2019

#Poll: Your Favorite Marilyn Fitschen Artwork in #FaceInTheFrost

Marilyn Fitschen, artist and illustrator - and one of John Bellairs's oldest friends - created 12 full page illustrations for The Face in the Frost.  In celebration of its 50th anniversary this year, we want to know which one is your favorite.

Perhaps it’s the sight of Prospero’s house, complete with hippopotamus weather vane? Or maybe it’s our old friend, King Gorm (the Wonderworker)?

Or maybe you prefer something darker, more unsettling – there’s something hanging from the boughs of a tree, there’s the eerie entrance to the forbidden forest, and then there's Five Dials. Need we say more?

Pick your favorite from the list below...and use the spell!

Your favorite Marilyn Fitschen artwork in "The Face in the Frost"

"...a huge, ridiculous, doodad-covered, trash-filled two story of a house...." (frontispiece)
"...the moth rose, dived once at his head, and then floated off into the night." (12)
"The troll snickered, a nasal snortling sound." (41)
"The Actaeon...was swept by the harsh gusts...[and]...soon lodged tight." (45)
"Gorm looked vague." (51)
"At this major crossroads was a gallows tree..." (62)
"And on the other side, the forest." (75)
"Five Dials sounds interesting." (87)
"Prospero looked around and saw a man in a brown robe bent over a little low barrel." (101)
"He took the remaining cards from his pocket and threw them in the air." (118)
"Prospero looked at [Millhorn] and the little man looked back, smiling quietly." (162)
"The mirror was asleep." (172)

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