Saturday, August 8, 2009

Even More About Widow's Walk Lake

Filmmaker and Bellairs-fan James Strayer got in touch with us late last year about Widow's Walk Lake, a film inspired partly by some of Bellairs’ spooky stories.
Strayer gave us an update this week of how the project is progressing:
Max Records has been cast as our young William. If you have not heard of Max yet, you will this October when Where the Wild Things Are by Spike Jonze is released. He plays...Max. I'm pretty thrilled to be working with him on this. Also, our exceedingly talented art department is crewed nearly exclusively by people who worked on the great stop motion film, Coraline. They have been gathering and developing props for Widow's Walk Lake all summer.
Fans can read more about the upcoming film on Strayer's Facebook page.

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