Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bailey MacDonald and The Secret of the Sealed Room

Bailey is back!  The second book by Bailey MacDonald is published next month.

The Secret of the Sealed Room: A Mystery of Young Benjamin Franklin is the story of indentured servant Patience Martin, living in 1721 Boston.  Things get harder when her demanding employer is found dead - in a bedroom locked from the inside. Powerful townsmen accuse Patience's friend, Moll Bacon, of being a witch and the murderer, but with her own future in jeopardy, Patience doesn't know how she can help prove Moll's innocence - until she finds a new friend. 

Ben Franklin is a clever young printer's apprentice with a fondness for wise aphorisms. Ben risks his own skin to protect Patience, and his cunning and ingenuity are a perfect match for her courage and determination. But will their friendship and teamwork be enough to solve the mystery, clear Moll, and free Patience from a harsh life of servitude?

MacDonald is a professional actress and playwright who lives near Atlanta, Georgia and when she is not writing, she performs under a different name in a theater group in that city.


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