Monday, September 6, 2010

Top 10 Humorous Moments

As we prepare for the tenth anniversary of Bellairsia, we’re using our developmentally playful Twitter feed to share some memorable moments and commentary in the form of Top Ten lists.

It’s been said humor and horror play off each other and are often two sides of the same coin. These two extremes run rampart through a number of Bellairs' writings, where scenes can change from laugh-aloud funny to nail-biting terrifying over the course of a few sentences.

This month we present our top ten humorous moments - those that made us laugh or smile.

Editor’s note: we formatted our blandly-overworked Twitter feed years later. The tweets are gone but here is the original list:
  • #10. The Shuffly vs. The Pedant – “Wanna Play?” [PS]
  • #9. Miss Eells Proves her Clumsiness [TAW]
  • #8. Lewis & Rose Rita at a Talent Show [SMM]
  • #7. Professor Childermass and the Stalled Car [CBF]
  • #6. Father Higgins and the Nosy Altar Boy [SSS]
  • #5. Childermass Chiding Coote on his “Bad Legs” [CD]
  • #4. My Name is Yon Yonson, I live in on [DSW]
  • #3. Jonathan Consoling Lewis About Those Who Celebrate Halloween Longer Than Others [FS]
  • #2. Childermass Questioning Glomus Tour Guide [MWC]
  • #1. Roger Bacon and the Wall of Glass [FF]

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