Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Poll: Your Favorite Judith Brown Artwork in #TreasureOfAlpheusWinterborn

Artist and illustrator Judith Gwyn Brown created 10 full page illustrations for The Treasure of Alpheus Winterborn and, in celebration of its 40th anniversary, we want to know which one is your favorite.

Perhaps it's Philpotts peering from behind the bars of the bank, or a dog barking in the dead of night, or maybe a scene from inside (or outside) the library, or just the enigmatic philanthropist himself, smiling in his portrait that hangs above the fireplace.

Or something else entirely?

Watch out for ol' Eagle Eye and pick your favorite from our list below and see how it ranks with other fans!

And of course, believe only half of what you read.

Your favorite Judith Gwyn Brown artwork in The Treasure of Alpheus Winterborn?

It was as if [Alpheus Winterborn] were enjoying some wonderful secret joke, and Anthony couldn’t help wondering what it was. [Frontispiece]
Then [Anthony] imagined himself sitting at his own kitchen table downstairs. [6]
[Anthony] just liked the idea of having tea with Miss Eells. [17]
The man reached out and picked up the coin. [36]
Anthony slowly walked over to where the mirror lay. [55]
A growling dog was rushing at him. [87]
[Anthony] ran down the drive to the police car and rapped on the window. [132]
Slow but sure, one step at a time. He climbed on, and the reindeer got closer and closer. [153]
The spotlight was rotated till it shone over Hugo Philpotts and Anthony. [160]
Gold statuette of Unknown Origin. [179]
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