Monday, September 24, 2018

'House' Has Potential for a Universal Franchise #HouseWithAClock

Comic Book Resources (CBR) reports that with the weekend success of "The House with a Clock in its Walls" that Universal Pictures may have stumbled onto its own low-key answer to some sort of franchise.  After all, they point out, there are a dozen novels in the series - from both Bellairs and Brad Strickland:

'House' cleverly lays the groundwork to travel back in time and explore the origin of magic. More importantly, it also teases a backstory involving Lewis’ grandfather, and hints that some of the Barnavelt ancestors were involved in some epic magical wars. With 12 books in the series, there’s plenty of source material to adapt to the screen. However, there are also enough intriguing clues to a larger (ahem) wizarding world to expand well beyond any of the books, with an exploration of Flo’s tragic past, in which magic killed her family, and Isaac’s life before he was corrupted.

A reliable, family-friendly franchise focusing on the other books featuring Lewis seems like a good solution, particularly considering Harry Potter demonstrated, time and again, that there’s an appetite for that kind of fare.

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Anonymous said...

Well, it has grossed 110 million world wide, so Universal has made production and promotion back, plus about 20 million in profit, not counting home video sales. A series is still very much a possibility.