Wednesday, September 5, 2018

#HousewithaclockReadalong Happening This Month

Author and blogger and Richard Denney is celebrating John Bellairs again this month.  Richard and friends are reading - what else? - The House with a Clock in its Walls to celebrate the upcoming film in just a mere 15 days.  That's around 1,296,000 ticks to go! Not that we're counting - or reusing that joke again.  Share your thoughts with Richard and friends...happy reading, all.

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NancyDrewerin said...

So glad to find this site! I was huge Bellairs fan as a kid and had a hard time finding his books for my own kids. So excited there is a renewed interest in his books thanks to this movie! My kids loved The House with a Clock in its Walls. Back around 1983 I wrote John Bellairs a fan letter asking for a signed pic. Weeks later I received a basic white postcard. The typed message said something about how he was glad I liked his books, and that no pic was available. But he signed it!!! Wish I still had it- it hung in my bedroom for years!!