Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Something Else About Sugar Loaf

Sending fun!

It's funny the sort of things you recognize. A week ago I'm reading through the local PBS schedule and there's an episode of Let's Go, Minnesota! I live nowhere near the state so I'm not sure why it aired here. The episode? Climbing Sugar Loaf in Winona. Hey, I've heard of that.

It's the bluff on the Mississippi River topped by the fancy white rocks, all towering 500 feet above Lake Winona. And yes, the Bellairsia admins discussed it once before.

It's an interesting half-hour program, but you're mostly watching rocks dry. The rocks weren't wet but you get the idea. There are plenty of shots of Sugar Loaf to take in - some with people scaling upward, some repelling downward – all choreographed to loud, thrashy-rock guitar.

So, rock on!‽

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