Thursday, April 1, 2021

Hitting the Roof: 7 Ceilings as Seen by Johnny Dixon

Professor Childermass has often told Johnny Dixon to keep his chin up.  But when Johnny does, what does he see?  There is not always a lot to examine but whatever it is can often be better than nothing!

What seven ceilings has Johnny examined?

#1. The office of H. Bagwell Glomus has some interesting things on display, true, but check out the ceiling!  Decorative elements appear to be in the shape of the famous Oaty Crisp clusters the Glomus Cereal Company was famous for.  Talk about taking it to another level!

#2. Doesn't this take the "drake cake" - no ceiling!  Johnny is on vacation with his friends, Fergie and the professor, visiting Glastonbury and its famous open-air attraction.  Dear abbey, indeed!

#3. When Johnny wakes up in his bedroom at his grandparent's house, he always notices the hook in the ceiling and wonders what grampa and gramma Dixon had hanging in this room before he moved in.  Who knows?  But wow!

#4. Professor Childermass has a nice house, yes, but few people other than the always-observant Johnny noticed the water stain in the living room. It's above the upstairs bathroom and we know someone likes to sail boats in the tub.  Who will win this time, the Christians or the Turks?  Watch out, Rod!

#5. When Johnny wakes up in Vinalhaven, Maine, he scurries over and checks out the abandoned shanty behind the library.  He thought he saw a grinning jack-o'-lantern in one of the windows the night before, but now he's curious what sort of roof the thing had.  Not much of one, that's for sure!

#6. Johnny's been ill before but how many times do you get to wake up to the ceiling at Hannah Duston Hospital? He's going to examine the rest of the ceiling in just a minute - first he has to deal with these stick pins on his chest.  Ouch!

#7. That old Sloane house in Stark Corners had an old-fashioned light socket hung from one of the rafters and not much else!  Better keep an eye open for anything!  Check out the rafters, too!  Did we mention rafters?  And a light bulb!  

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