Thursday, December 24, 2020

Something About the Bellairsian Christmas Price Index

Gifts that keep giving.

I heard someone maligning a Twelve Days of Christmas parody recently. I usually hear one or two a year, meant to correspond to something going on in the community or tied to pop culture. Just as with the original, I also wonder how much money one would have to spend purchasing twelve things-a-doin’, eleven things-a-singin’, ten things-a-dancin’, and so on.

For the original song, we at least have the Christmas Price Index, a tongue-in-cheek economic indicator maintained by PNC Wealth Management, tracking the items’ cost. Haven’t you always wanted to know the cost of a partridge in a pear tree? How about just a partridge? How about one in a van?

In that spirit, I thought I’d ask if anyone has any ideas on how you’d approach this Christmas carol but with twelve Bellairsian-inspired items. The image above shows the first three I came up with...
  • A small, stone statue of a bird
  • Two glass pieces
  • Three figurines
...but I’d wager someone else can do better. 

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