Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Something About Monopoly

And collecting two hundred dollars, maybe.

There was something or other in the news recently about Monopoly turning 85 years old this year. Maybe I should have started a game this summer instead of the umpteenth puzzle of native trees of Uzbekistan or whatever Dalcy procured.

I've seen countless themed Monopoly games over the years, some for specific cities (Paris, London, Munich) and some based on television programs (The Simpsons, Star Wars, Hair: the Musical, and so on). Naturally, I put a Bellairsian spin on things and began to dream up how such a game would appear:
  • Would it name the major roads, like Main, Mansion, High, and Homer?
  • Or would it include specific things in the city, such as the masonic temple, National Museum of Magic, Civil War monument, or fountain?
  • Maybe the Capharnaum County Magician's Society is one of the utilities?
And then I realize I've come up with Monopoly New Zebedee. Why not Monopoly Hoosac or Monopoly Duston Heights (the trolley could appear on any railroad...)?

Or what would you do?

1 comment:

Jean said...

I would buy those games! The opera house would have to appear in Lewis' version...