Saturday, April 3, 2021

Something About the Mizwad

H. R. huffin’ puff.

I got caught up in the music yesterday and began looking for other instruments. I found a dozen or so I was not familiar with and had the wild hair of an idea about learning to play one or two of them. Learning might be a great way to prove I am either broadening my horizons or finding exciting new ways to annoy Dalcy and the neighbors.

The mizwad is one such instrument. At first glance, the image appears a cross between a disjointed golf bag, a misshapen Thanksgiving turkey, and a background character from one of the good Star Wars films. Similar to the bagpipe, mizwad means "sack," "bag," or "food pouch" is played in Tunisia and, as it says, is a skin bag made from ewe's leather.

I like to think Prospero would not only know about this instrument but might fancy himself a novice, though the mirror would likely force him to practice in the root cellar. In the meantime, Hamish Binns published a video showing how one holds the thing and the double-chanter, stereo-like sound one can hear escaping. Enjoy!

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