Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Something About Multiple Houses with Multiple Clocks

Izards all over?

Here’s another entry in our series of what ifs:
What if there were multiple houses with clocks in them, all around the country, or even the world, and when they all ticked together in unison, on the prescribed day at the designated time, then....
With this, the infamous house in New Zebedee suddenly loses whatever made it unique in the first place to seemingly every other house anywhere. The house you or I grew up in could have been a candidate – as could be the regal-looking mansion in the snotty part of town, or the run-down shanty still standing near the old highway. Are they all the same type of clock? Or can it be any time piece? And really, why does the tick-tocking have to be in a house? If you’re going to subscribe to this approach, then could the doomsday mechanisms be found in a courthouse clock tower? Or a forgotten train station? Or a sundial? (Wait, they did that one.)

Are the Izard’s or their kin responsible for installing these other clocks in walls? Or are our Izards just smaller cogs in some larger wheel overseen by some larger, more sinister figure?

Then what: do the clockwork angels fly in and save the day?

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