Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Something About Glue-laced Candy

Stuck on you.

I was thumbing through the archives and found old discussions regarding House. One was about Lewis worrying about his uncle snooping around the house at night. Lewis wonders if his uncle is crazy:
"His parents had always warned him against crazy people, the type that lured you into their cars and offered you candy with glue in it. Or was it glue?"
I've heard the rumours of strangers luring children to cars with candy but don’t remember the glue part. I'm not sure I understood the reason for the glue, either.

Jon Caulkett shared his thoughts:
"I can tell you that the old-style model cement could get you woozy if you were working in a poorly-ventilated place, or, like me, sitting over a hot-air register while assembling a model. Maybe in Lewis's somewhat paranoid mind this is what crazy people (we never said "child-molester" back then) would use to incapacitate a victim.”

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