Thursday, November 19, 2020

Something About Building Bridges

Historic Bridge Park
In God we truss.

I was alerted last week to the “fact” this month is Historic Bridge Awareness Month. (Why November?) Personally I’m a fan of the rainbow arch bridge dreamt up by James Marsh and think we could do with some more of ‘em. Which makes me wonder: what is the collective name for a group of bridges?

There is a place to find out. Historic Bridge Park, southeast of Battle Creek in Calhoun County, Michigan, is an open air museum focusing on the historic truss bridges moved to and restored within the park. In fact, there are six bridges in the park – a whopping half-dozen of this unknown collective name – including five metal truss bridges and a stone arch bridge.

A few bridges get mentioned across the Bellairs Corpus including one in Bristol and another in Rocks Village. It’s the iron bridge over Wilder Creek in New Zebedee getting the most attention, first in The House with a Clock in its Walls and then The Beast under the Wizard’s Bridge.

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