Saturday, November 21, 2020

Something About Facing Winona

Indian Head stone face
Head like a whole...rock.

I stumbled upon a series of Minnesota postcards recently. Do you ever feel like you’re snooping on someone’s private conversation when you read a century old postcard and wonder whatever happened to “brother” or if the weather got better “in Peoria”?

One postcard stuck out for a few reasons. It was labeled “’Indian Head’ sentinel on the Mississippi – Most Natural Stone Face Known, 44 Feet from Chin to Forehead near Winona, Minn.” Our blog has mentioned a few of the attractions Bellairs didn’t write about in cities where he lived (I think that’s how the blog series promoted itself) and one touched on Sugarloaf in Winona. Based on this postcard, however, there is a Hag-like face somewhere up (or down) the Mississippi from Winona, where Bellairs once lived. 

Actually, the Wisconsin entry at the Stone Faces Gazetteer notes the best place to see this formation is from northbound Highway 35 midway between Bluff Siding and Fountain City. Which, all said, is about 5 miles east of Winona. Are the website's instructions adequate, or can anyone in the area tell us the best place to see this?  How prominent is this formation?

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