Friday, November 20, 2020

Something About Charles Merchant

Grave of Charles Merchant
It just keeps rolling along....

A recent email from Stella Kanzan:
I've been a fan of John Bellairs' books since the 1970s when my parents bought me a copy of The Figure in the Shadows for my birthday. I visited Marion, Ohio, and photographed the Merchant monument over the weekend and wondered if you would be interested in them for the Bellarsia website? It's Brad Strickland's inspiration for the monument over the magician's tomb in The Spectre from the Magician's Museum. The curious granite sphere has no eyes (as described in Spectre), but it does rotate slowly due to rain and ice. The sphere's base is clearly visible above the pedestal and scrapes are also visible on the surface showing more evidence of movement. No one has made any chalk marks on it recently, however.

We've been sent a handful of images of spherical grave stones over the years.  This one at least has a nice bit of lore behind it.

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