Saturday, November 7, 2020

Something About Millhorn’s Michigan

If you seek a strange encounter with whosis, look about you!

How many of you have read The Face in the Frost and gotten to the end and suddenly wondered what happened. And why. Where are we? What year is this? That sort of thing. In a comment on the Grognardia blog, John Brinegar provided his brief thoughts on the ending:
“This is also a good example of fantasy characters coming into our world, as used to happen in many OD&D games. Roger and Prospero finally defeat their foe with the help of a Kabbalist living in modern Michigan.”
I’ll admit it took a couple of readings for me to figure out Prospero had stumbled from the North Kingdom into the “real” world. That is, the world of M. Millhorn is the same world that you and I exist in. I’ll leave the meta discussions for another time, but has anyone ever considered Millhorn’s handle shop being in “modern Michigan”?

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