Monday, October 5, 2020

Something About Mystery Series Week

Mystery Series Week

On and on and on and on....

I am continually surprised the sort of inane things receiving their own day of celebration, from Shampoo Lovers Day or Reconstituted Raisin Week to Condominium Appreciation Week or Skeletal Fragment Day. Chances are your habits or hobbies are covered at some point.

Mystery Series Week is another such celebration and it’s the first full week of October. So I might as well as play along and get your thoughts on your favorite Bellairsian mystery series. You know the three. I’m not including Prospero but you can bicker about it in the comments if you want. Pick your favorite in our survey, below, before you run off and we’ll see which kid has the most fans.
Your favorite Bellairs Corpus series?
Lewis Barnavelt
Anthony Monday
Johnny Dixon
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