Sunday, October 11, 2020

Something About Scotland Autarchs Cover illustrations

Quips from the Question Box.

If you were with us a decade or so I ago I was talked into a Question Box moderator role, commenting on inquiries of the Bellairsia website. I filed a few reports in this role but became distracted and went my own way. Since I’m back, here’s my next report - a decade late and a dollar short.

Remember the Autarchs? Not a convincing battle cry for a revolution, I suppose, unless you’re Nathaniel Wabe. These characters were the nameless, mostly faceless minions of the Grand Autarch as seen in the sinister shadow world and residing in their titular mansion in the mist. If you think Bellairs made this up, don't be silly. Autarchism is a political philosophy promoting the principles of individualism, and rejecting compulsory government and supporting the elimination of government in favor of ruling oneself to the exclusion of rule by others. Control yourself!

Cover Illustrations? That’s a doozey of a question. It's not even really a question.  I know the site used to have a graphic-heavy, patchwork quilt like page of all the book covers. The page was phased out at some point in the last 15 years or so. I think I’ll task out IT department in a cover word search resource. User types “rock” and the response is The Ghost in the Mirror since there is a rock on the cover. Oh, and I guess The Curse of the Blue Figurine.  Another rock. And there are probably rocks on a few paper back covers, too. Imagine searching for “House”. Never mind.

So what’s up with Scotland? I haven’t a clue what whosis was searching for but the only Scottish thing coming to mind is Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh. It's the official residence of the British monarch in Scotland and where Lewis Barnavelt discovers David Rizzio was murdered. Now that I think about it, John o' Groats is referenced in the same book, The House with a Clock in its Walls.

That’s all for now.

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