Saturday, October 3, 2020

Something About the Peace of Puzzles

Edward Gorey puzzle

Thou art more puzzled than - whom?

If you've been like my wife, Dalchini, and me over the past few months then you've put together more than a few puzzles. She’s into the flora and fauna from far off places while I prefer the folk art of Charles Wysocki or others - partly because it reminds me of home and I swear I’ve been to some of the places in the paintings. At least this is what I believe after being stuck in the dining room with pretzels and puzzle glue. 

But then someone said I should get an Edward Gorey puzzle. I checked and yes, there are scads of them. Then I got to thinking: what book from the Bellairs Corpus would make a great 1000 piece puzzle? For color The Revenge of the Wizard’s Ghost gets my vote. Someone call Irwin Terry (Goreyana) and have him scan some original artwork and get these in the market. (Please. Dalchini’s frozen tundra puzzle is up next and,

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